Safety Steward Training - Solo, RallyCross and Junior Driver Program

03/09/19 | TBA

Eventmaster(s): Mark Walker

Time: 9 AM until approximately 1 PM. 

This half-day session will cover the class-room training portion necessary to obtain an SCCA Safety Steward license. The main session will cover general event safety, as well as specific rules and procedures for Solo (autocross) and RallyCross events. 

There will also be a session starting at noon and covering safety for junior carts, the Junior Driver Program. This session is required for all current holders or JDP safety licenses. 

Safety stewards are member volunteers who oversee safety at SCCA-sanctioned competition events. You can learn more about the SCCA Safety Steward program at SCCA Downloads

There is no cost for Safety Steward training, but the rewards are endless. 

Registration available soon on


Location Information


To Be Announced at a later date. 

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