Proposed Rule changes for 2012

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Proposed Rule changes for 2012

Postby omahasubaru » Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:50 am

All proposed changes have been posted on forums. You'll want to review them and provide feedback on their forums, or alternatively you can give me your feedback here, and I can relay it to the RXR committee as I serve on it.

LINK : ... PN=1&TPN=1

• Adding the new class of Modified Rear Wheel Drive with its consequential changes to the Modified Class structure:

6.2.E. Rally Modified Categories

Modified Front Wheel Drive (MF)
Modified Rear Wheel Drive (MR)
Modified All Wheel Drive (MA)

• Allowing scoops and wings in Prepared Categories:

6.2.D.20. Addition of rear wings and hood scoops/vents is allowed provided that either 1) it is a production part which is standard or optional equipment of a US model of the vehicle or 2) it is listed in the vehicle manufacturer's US accessory catalog for that vehicle for normal highway use. Parts must be installed as directed by the manufacturer. Exact replicas (including weight) from alternate sources are also permitted. Rear wings may be removed so long as the vehicle retains any federally-mandated third brake light.

Fuel may be any type of unleaded, E85, or diesel fuel commonly available at
the pump. Alternative fuels must be pre-approved by the event RallyCross
Safety Steward prior to the event. No other alcohol fuels or nitrous oxide
are allowed.

6.3.G. additional text proposed
- A space-saving wheel designated by a manufacturer for temporary low speed use and for transiting a short distance may not be used for competition regardless of the type of tire installed. Wheels originally designed for OHV/UTV vehicles or similar will only be allowed per the Safety Steward and event organizer's discretion. All documentation of a manufacturer's load capacity ratings for the purpose of allowance is solely the responsibility of the competitor.

- Tires offered for two, three or four wheeled motor bikes are not allowed. This includes motocross, dual-sport and ATV tires which are not designed to withstand cornering side-loads that can be generated by an automobile of substantially higher curb weight.

6.2.C.14 Rally Stock Class: two suggested changes

A. For front anti-roll bars:

1. Substitution, addition, or removal of any front anti-roll bar(s) and
supporting hardware (brackets, endlinks, bushings, etc.) is permit-
2. Substitution, addition, or removal of anti-roll bars may serve no
other purpose than that of an anti-roll bar.
3. The use of any bushing material is permitted. A bushing may be
implemented as a bearing.
4. No modification to the body, frame, or other components to ac-
commodate anti-roll bar addition or substitution is allowed except
for the drilling of holes for mounting bolts. Non-standard lateral
members which connect between the brackets for the bar are not

B. Rear anti-roll bars may not be removed, replaced, or modified in any


14. The front sway bar may be replaced. A replacement front sway bar may serve no other purpose than originally intended by the vehicle manufacturer and must be stock diameter for the make, model and year of the vehicle. In the case where the front sway bar is also a suspension locating link, stock geometry and methods of attachment must be maintained.

6.2.D.21 Rally Prepared, add a paragraph, requiring catalytic converters in Rally Prepared.
Any high flow catalytic converter(s) are allowed, but must attach within six inches of the original unit. Multiple catalytic converters may be replaced by a single unit. The inlet of the single replacement converter may be located no further downstream than 6" along the piping flow path from the original exit of the final OE converter.

6.2.D.22 Rally Prepared, add a paragraph, allowing the replacement of radiators
Engine cooling radiators may be replaced with alternate parts subject to the following restrictions:
1. Radiator core dimensions (width, height, thickness) must be no smaller than the standard part.
2. Radiator must mount to OE radiator mounts.
3. Fluid capacity and dry weight of the radiator must be no less than that of the standard part. Installation of an alternate radiator may serve no other purpose (e.g. to allow a cold air intake passage).

In addition, the engine fan and fan shroud (unless it serves another purpose, e.g., as an alternator/generator mount) may be removed, modified or replaced. Electrically driven fans are allowed.

addition of a paragraph to
M2 and M4 cars will be run during daylight hours, between sunrise and sunset.

change to 6.2.E.3.D, requiring all running light remain on vehicles to accommodate for low light winter event running.
d. Doors, hoods, trunk lids, sunroofs, hatchbacks, etc. need not function as originally designed. Bumpers, grilles, and trim may be removed. All light must remain and must function as originally intended by the vehicle manufacturer.
Side mirrors are not required.

6.3, as required by SCCA nationalk with the following.
All helmets meeting the latest or two immediately preceding Snell
Foundation standards (SA2010, SAH2010, SA2005, SA2000, M2010,
M2005, M2000, K2010, K2005, K98), SFI standards 31.1, 41.1, 31.1A,
31.2A, 41.1A, 41.2A or British spec BS6658-85 type A/FR are acceptable.

Let the discussions begin.......NOW!
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Re: Proposed Rule changes for 2012

Postby AlarmedBread » Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:03 pm

• Adding the new class of Modified Rear Wheel Drive with its consequential changes to the Modified Class structure:

YeeHaw! 8)
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