What class?

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What class?

Postby baxtell » Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:04 pm

I have a 1999 Bmw 323i I am trying to figure out what class to be in. From everything I can see I should be in the street prepared class.
Modifications are as such:
Muffler Delete (Still have CATS and resonators)
ECIS cold air intake
ISC coilovers

Also I have a question regarding cracked windshields. I cannot find a definite answer about if you are allowed to compete with a crack or not?
Ive seen discussion saying you can as long as it is not in your view, and that it is not spider webbed. I have a crack along the bottom of the windshield not in my line of sight. Ive done track days at Raceway park of the midlands and always passed. Id like to compete april 2nd but if I cant pass inspection then I will hold off.

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Re: What class?

Postby sccakia » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:37 am

Since you have a cold air intake and coil overs that would move you out of (G Street) to STX ( Street touring ) class. The next class up would be D Street prepared, but the street prepared rules allow for a lot more modification than you have. I would stick with STX since it allows for exhaust, intake, suspension, headers, ecu tune and up to 265 wide tires on 9.0 wide rims, but still restricts a lot of the big modification for Street prepared.

Here is the 3 series car list for STX

128i (2008-13)
3 Series (E30 chassis, incl. M3)
3 Series (E36 chassis, non-M)
3 Series (E46 chassis, non-M)
3 Series (E9x chassis, non-M,

As for the windshield it really comes down to who does your tech inspection that day and what there limits are. Generally speaking if it's not a big crack or a crack that blocks the drivers field of vision it's fine. It sounds like your should be fine.
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