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Part two: Licenses

Monica Shaw - MVRG (Missouri Valley Race Group) Race Worker Chair

Motorsports is more than just driving, and there are a million-and-one ways to get involved. Running an event requires the talents of a wide variety of dedicated individuals. The SCCA provides staff to every major road racing event from CART to NASCAR and Formula One.

License Levels

There are four grades of licenses that may be issued based upon levels of experience and participation. Any additional requirements for each specialty are outlined in the specialty's Operating Manual. The four license grades are:

Regional Licenses

This license is issued to all new members entering a specialty. It is the license grade held while training and developing the skills required by the specialty. The officials will become moderately proficient in the core competencies outlined in the specialty's Operating Manual. It is recommended that a Regional license be held for a minimum of two years with active participation. However, an individual demonstrating outstanding ability and progress maybe upgraded early. Likewise, an upgrade from Regional is not an entitlement, and should depend on the worker’s proficiency in the area, as well as dedication to the specialty.

Divisional Licenses

The Divisional License grade is considered the "Standard of the Industry" and represents a recognition of accomplishment within the specialty. The Divisional license holders will refine their basic core competencies as outlined in that specialty's Operating Manual. The license holders will learn advanced skills and begin training in the managerial and administrative aspects of the specialty. The license holders will be competent in all non-managerial / non-administrative phases of the specialty.

National Licenses

The National license is issued to officials who progress beyond the typical qualifications and accept the responsibilities of leadership. The license holders will demonstrate advanced general expertise in the specialty. The National license holders will have the knowledge to perform the managerial /administrative functions of the specialty including training and serving as the chief of an event. National license holders are expected to share their knowledge with new workers.

Senior Licenses

The Senior License may be issued to any current National or Divisional License holder, with the recommendation of both their Regional and Divisional Administrator, and approval by their Divisional Executive Steward based upon long term, competent service in a given specialty. Senior License holders are judged to be at the divisional level of competency in the specialty. The Senior License holder may perform "Chief of Specialty" duties at any event except where the event requires a National License.

Terms of Licenses

  • Regional - One Year
  • Divisional - One Year
  • National - One Year
  • Senior - Three Years

Renewal Requirements

Participation Requirements for license renewals:

  • All minimum participation requirements will be in the number of days participating in an event.
  • Only events sanctioned by SCCA Club Racing, Solo I or SCCA Pro Racing will be considered for participation requirements
  • Training functions such as worker schools, fire and rescue schools, etc. will be considered event days for participation requirements.
  • An official may request up to two consecutive one-year waivers to participation requirements. The Regional Administrator and the Divisional Administrator may approve these waivers.
  • The National Administrator may issue annual waivers beyond the two consecutive one-year waivers.

Annual Participation requirements by License Grade:

  • Regional License - There are no minimum participation requirements.
  • Divisional License - A minimum of 6 days of participation is required.
  • National License - A minimum of 8 days of participation is required.
  • Senior License - There are no minimum participation requirements for three (3) years from date of issuance. At the end of each of three year period the Senior License holder must request reconsideration by again obtaining recommendations from the Regional and Divisional Administrators and approval of the renewal by their Division Executive Steward.

Upgrade Requirements

General: All license upgrades must be approved by the Regional and Divisional Administrator of the specialty. A letter of recommendation outlining the meeting of the requirements and any additional qualifications of the individual will be sent from the Regional Administrator to the Divisional Administrator with the upgrade request.

Requirements: Additional requirements may be needed as outlined in the specialty's Operating Manual.

* Regional to Divisional - A minimum of two (2) years active participation is required. A demonstration of continued participation and skills improvement is needed. The mastery of basic skills required of the specialty is also displayed.

* Divisional to National - A demonstrated mastery of basic and advanced skills as well as a commitment to participation and skills improvement is required. The display of a willingness and capability to take on managerial and administrative functions should be seen.

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