Nebraska Region is home to the first ever RallyCross National Challenge (2005), and was host to the 2007 RallyCross National Championship

RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of Sports Car Club of America extreme dirt motorsport. A combination of performance stage rally and autocross, it takes place on an unpaved open lot where, like Solo, the course is delinieated by cones. No convertibles/soft-top vehicles are allowed to participate in RallyCross, and unlike performance stage rally, roll-cages are not required.

Classes are organized by drivetrain and modifications. And unlike Autocross, where an entrant's ranking is based on the single fastest run, RallyCross competitions are judged on the total of multiple runs.

Minors (anyone age 19 and under) - You must have a waiver in order to participate in Solo, Rallycross and Race Events. This waiver must be printed in color, and must be either notorized or signed in the presence of an SCCA Member. Get it HERE***

Rallycross News

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Upcoming Rallycross Events

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Solo Rallyx
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Board of Governors Meeting

01/25/18 - 11/29/18 | DEN

SCCA ProSolo Finale

08/31/18 - 09/02/18 | LAP-N

SCCA Solo National Championships

09/03/18 - 09/07/18 | LAP-N

Rallycross Points

NRSCCA RallyCross #6

09/16/18 | I-80

Activity Points

Nebraska Region and Des Moines Valley Region joint Club Race and Time Trials

09/21/18 - 09/23/18 | RPM

Tire Rack Street Survival

09/29/18 | LAP-R

Solo Points

NRSCCA Solo #6

09/30/18 | LAP-R

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