Solo (Autocross) events emphasize a driver's ability and their car's handling characteristics. Speeds are no greater than those encountered on legal highways and city-streets. The combination of competition, concentration, and car feedback creates an adrenaline rushing experience. The fasted single-run time wins! Do you think your skills are top-notch, or do you want to polish your driving technique? If so, Solo is for you.

Cars are classed such that competitors within a class will have very similar handling and power characteristics. For more information on classing of vehicles for SOLO, please see the Official National Rules and Solo Classes written by Jan Gerber, 2006 Nebraska Region Solo Novice Advisor.

Still have questions about classes, not sure where to begin? Contact our current Solo Novice Advisor.

Over 1200 Regional and Divisional-level Solo events are held (rain or shine) across the country each year at local shopping centers, airports, and stadium parking lots. The sport attracts sports and 'sporty' cars used for daily transportation, as well as heavily modified vehicles used for racing only. Helmets are required for competitors and Nebraska Region has loaner helmets freely available at all solo events.

Minors (anyone age 19 and under) - You must have a waiver in order to participate in Solo, Rallycross and Race Events. This waiver must be printed in color, and must be either notorized or signed in the presence of an SCCA Member. Get it HERE***

Solo News

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Upcoming Solo Events

Solo Annual Tech

04/06/19 | LAP-R

Activity Points Solo Points

Solo Points #1

04/07/19 | LAP-R

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