The election for three seats for the Board of Governors is now open! Please vote online or mail in your ballot to be received by the secretary by October 29. The candidates for the 2019 Board of Governors Election are:

Steve Ducharme

Steve Ducharme

Steve Ducharme has been an active member of Nebraska Region SCCA for twelve years. He competes in Autocross, Rallycross, and Time Trials in either a first-generation (NA) Mazda Miata or a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Steve has served Nebraska Region in several roles, including as Rallycross Chair, Activities Director, and for the past two years, Regional Executive. He also serves at the national level as a member of the RallyCross National Championships Committee. A member of the NRSCCA Board of Governors since 2014, he would be happy to continue to serve on the board for the next two years, and in other capacities as needed to serve the club.


Tony Mitera

Having been with the Nebraska Region for just over three years now, I remember what it was like when I was first learning what autocross was and what our club was about.  Thankfully I had no shortage of people willing to help me learn the ropes, and years later it is through their example that I’ve strived to help others get into our sport.  I’ve been happy with what I’ve done so far yet I continue to try and assist the club as best I can.   To serve on the Board of Governors is an honor, and would allow me to continue in that spirit of improving our club for both current and future members.


Chris Harrison

Hi, Chris here! For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been a Nebraska Region member for about 4 years now, and I’ve served the club through various leadership rolls for the last 2 years. I drive an orange c6 z06 corvette, and race in either CAMS or AS class. I’ve been on the board for 2 years, I’ve been out clubs treasurer for 2 years, and helped as one of the co-solo chairs for this season as well. Since I joined the board we have made numerous changes and continue to strive for efficiency and producing the best even possible for our members. I’ve enjoyed my time on the board, and hope that you’ll consider me in this years voting so I can have 2 more years of service to the club.


Nathan Roth

Hi! I’m Nate Roth from Milford NE. I’ve been involved with the NRSCCA in some form or fashion since roughly July of 2015. I co-drive with Chris Harrison in a CAMS corvette, and have previously competed in both my Camaro, and Chris’s Camaro in CAMC. I went inactive for a season while I was finishing up with school, but I’m back and looking to get more involved! I look forward to the opportunity to serve the club more. I’ve been active this season in site setup and teardown, and hope to bring a bit of youth, energy and new ideas to our clubs leadership. I hope you’ll consider me when making your votes!


Dave Zitzlsperger

I have been a member of the club since 1985. I run primarily Solo events, but also ran most Road Rally events when we used to have them regularly. I have worked Tech at races at RPM. I have designed a few Solo courses. For several years, I also worked Tech at Solos. And, I am a member of the NRSCCA History team.

I have won the Workers Cup and the Byer’s Memorial. I have also won the Woody Dunn Memorial and the Wilson Memorial trophies as part of the History team.

Having been around for a few years, and seen many things come and go with the Club, I feel I have a little broader perspective on some things in the Club, compared to some of our newer members. I am always in favor of new ideas, but sometimes being able to look back at previous ideas helps guide things in a forward direction.

Thank You for your consideration.


solo info


Solo (Autocross) events emphasize a driver's ability and their car's handling characteristics. Speeds are no greater than those encountered on legal highways and city-streets. The combination of competition, concentration, and car feedback creates an adrenaline rushing experience. The fasted single-run time wins! Do you think your skills are top-notch, or do you want to polish your driving technique? If so, Solo is for you.

rally info


RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of Sports Car Club of America extreme dirt motorsport. A combination of performance stage rally and autocross, it takes place on an unpaved open lot where, like Solo, the course is delinieated by cones. No convertibles/soft-top vehicles are allowed to participate in RallyCross, and unlike performance stage rally, roll-cages are not required. 

club info

Club Racing & Time Trials

Club Racing is the backbone of the SCCA with a program for almost everyone. Club Racing offers the opportunity to experience the excitement by climbing into a race car and competing against other amateur drivers or working on a corner within inches of all the action.

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Junior Driver Program

The Junior Driver Program was started with the philosophy that having children compete at Solo® events would allow families to participate in and enjoy the Solo® experience together.