The Nebraska Region Board of Governors is responsible for the operation of the region. The Board members are guided by the Region's By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation.

The Nebraska Region Board meetings are held the last Thursday of each month. Currently the Board Meetings are held at Denny's at the Flying JNebraska Crossing Outlets exit (432) in Gretna. The meetings begin at 7:30pm. The Board meeting is primarily a business meeting but all members are welcome to attend. 

There are some exceptions to the last thursday rule:

  • November - The meeting is moved (one week earlier) only if there is a conflict with Thanksgiving.
  • December - There is no regular meeting, however, the Board may call a scheduling meeting. 
  • Special Meetings - May be called by the Regional Executive or a majority of the Board.

Membership Meetings


Annual awards banquet for the previous year.


Three Board Members are elected from nominations at the October Membership Meeting each year.

November BoG Meeting (Open)

Officers are elected and/or approved by the Board of Governors at their November meeting. Contact a member of the Board or attend the November Board Meeting if you are interested in holding a position within the club.

Recent Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes are published in the Exhaust Notes monthly and are available from the Region Secretary.


solo info


Solo (Autocross) events emphasize a driver's ability and their car's handling characteristics. Speeds are no greater than those encountered on legal highways and city-streets. The combination of competition, concentration, and car feedback creates an adrenaline rushing experience. The fasted single-run time wins! Do you think your skills are top-notch, or do you want to polish your driving technique? If so, Solo is for you.

rally info


RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of Sports Car Club of America extreme dirt motorsport. A combination of performance stage rally and autocross, it takes place on an unpaved open lot where, like Solo, the course is delinieated by cones. No convertibles/soft-top vehicles are allowed to participate in RallyCross, and unlike performance stage rally, roll-cages are not required. 

club info

Club Racing & Time Trials

Club Racing is the backbone of the SCCA with a program for almost everyone. Club Racing offers the opportunity to experience the excitement by climbing into a race car and competing against other amateur drivers or working on a corner within inches of all the action.

youth info

Junior Driver Program

The Junior Driver Program was started with the philosophy that having children compete at Solo® events would allow families to participate in and enjoy the Solo® experience together.