Interested in getting started with participating in autocross or rallycross events?  Looking for more information about what it is like?  This page serves as the main place that we suggest people begin to learn what they need to have a fun, safe time out in their first event.

Autocross is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to compete in a car, navigating a course marked off with traffic cones at up to highway speeds.  Whether you are looking to scratch a competitive itch or just want to get out there and see more of what your car can do, the basics of getting started with autocross are relatively simple.  To the right underneath the "New to autocross?" block there are some key documents that can assist newcomers both in preparing for their first autocross event as well as a rundown of what an event tends to be like.  The latter document is also available on-site as a tri-fold handout, but many people find it useful to read over in the days leading up to an event.

For rallycross, we're still working on similiar documentation.  Once that is complete there will be a similiar block off to the right as well.

If you still have questions (especially since rallycross isn't covered on the site yet), or just need a bit more information that isn't covered here, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Tony Mitera, and I serve as the Membership Director for the NRSCCA.  I'm more than happy to help anyone out with any questions that they may have; please reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time.

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Solo (Autocross) events emphasize a driver's ability and their car's handling characteristics. Speeds are no greater than those encountered on legal highways and city-streets. The combination of competition, concentration, and car feedback creates an adrenaline rushing experience. The fasted single-run time wins! Do you think your skills are top-notch, or do you want to polish your driving technique? If so, Solo is for you.

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RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of Sports Car Club of America extreme dirt motorsport. A combination of performance stage rally and autocross, it takes place on an unpaved open lot where, like Solo, the course is delinieated by cones. No convertibles/soft-top vehicles are allowed to participate in RallyCross, and unlike performance stage rally, roll-cages are not required. 

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Club Racing & Time Trials

Club Racing is the backbone of the SCCA with a program for almost everyone. Club Racing offers the opportunity to experience the excitement by climbing into a race car and competing against other amateur drivers or working on a corner within inches of all the action.

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Junior Driver Program

The Junior Driver Program was started with the philosophy that having children compete at Solo® events would allow families to participate in and enjoy the Solo® experience together.