Autocross is an event that tests a driver’s ability to read a course and perfect driving close to the edge of the car’s limits. This is done on temporary courses defined by traffic cones at speeds similar to those found on freeways. Your job as a driver is to put together the single fastest run. You do that, you win! It’s not just putting your right foot to the floor and leaving it there though (if it was, it would be called drag racing or NASCAR). You have to navigate the course that’s laid out without hitting any of the cones. Each cone hit adds time to your run and missing a gate all together disqualifies the run. So, be quick, be clean, and you will take the day!

To keep things fair, cars are grouped into classes that have similar performance. A Honda Civic and a Porsche Cayman GT4 are very different cars so it’s not fair to put them against each other (though it’s remarkable how close their times are). Cars are grouped based on year, make, model, and modifications that are allowed. Street classes are basically what you drive off the dealer lot. Modified classes are frequently hand-built from the ground up. If you drove it to the event and it’s a safe car (nothing falling off, nothing leaking) then there is probably a class for you.

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You must have a waiver in order to participate in Solo, Rallycross and Race Events. This waiver must be printed in color, and must be either notorized or signed in the presence of an SCCA Member. 

Forms can be found on the SCCA website.

2019 Annual Tech Policies and Form


Results from the Solo Fun Day and Solo #7 are now available.

Results for July 28 Solo #6

PAX results

Ok, better late than never. Stoopid real life events distracted me and the webmaster from the things that are important like posting the results. The good news is that I now have THE POWER TO UP LOAD RESULTS!!!! <bu-ha-ha-haaa!!!>

 So, without futher ado:

Results | PAX

Results for Solo #5

PAX Results

<WARNING> This is being written while the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins battle for the win in Game 7. There will be typos. </WARNING>

Well, the TnT/Solo #2 is complete and so is Solo #3, and Spring National's. So much for updating the site after every event.

Solo #2 is the first time we tried the two heat format. From the event operations side, it seemed to work well. There were things we learned and addressed in the next event. The things we addressed were items that you, the competitors brought up. We need that feedback to gauge what worked well and what needs to be improved. Please keep the feedback coming!

Spring Nationals Pro Solo and Championship Tour were awesome! The practice course was well recieved (after a few changes to speed it up, sorry about that) and we managed to make a little off the proceeds. Somehow, we managed to avoid the worst of the weather that threatened the entire weekend. Big thanks to everyone that worked the practice course and hospitality tent!

Solo #3. Sorry, I wasn't there. My car was in pieces fixing things the FMod collective help identify (#modlife). From the debrief conversations with the Chiefs and Chairs it looks like it was a good day to have fun with cars (that should be a hash tag). One take away we had from Solo #2 was that the lunch break wasn't long enough. Well, we fixed that this time. GOAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! ...umm...sorry about that...where was I...oh yeah, lunch... So, we made the lunch break longer and it was well received. We also GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...let's try that again... We also asked if there would be interest in an on-site food truck for those lunch breaks. Thanks to the responces, we have some data we can take to the vendors to give them an idea of the number of sales they could make. I have not reached out to anyone yet to see if they are interested but it's on my list.

And that's the past two months caught up. On to the future!

Next week is a big car week in Lincoln. Formula SAE is having their big end of year competition, Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed is sponsoring a Speedsters Trials & Reunion for cars made before 1935, and we have Solo #4. If you can't get your car fix next weekend, you have issues. We are still looking for a fence crew. Setup is tomorrow (14 Jun) and tear down is Monday 24 Jun. It's the full Nationals fence so the more people, the more better.

Ok, that's enough random rambleing. See you on course!

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Solo (Autocross) events emphasize a driver's ability and their car's handling characteristics. Speeds are no greater than those encountered on legal highways and city-streets. The combination of competition, concentration, and car feedback creates an adrenaline rushing experience. The fasted single-run time wins! Do you think your skills are top-notch, or do you want to polish your driving technique? If so, Solo is for you.

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RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of Sports Car Club of America extreme dirt motorsport. A combination of performance stage rally and autocross, it takes place on an unpaved open lot where, like Solo, the course is delinieated by cones. No convertibles/soft-top vehicles are allowed to participate in RallyCross, and unlike performance stage rally, roll-cages are not required. 

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Club Racing & Time Trials

Club Racing is the backbone of the SCCA with a program for almost everyone. Club Racing offers the opportunity to experience the excitement by climbing into a race car and competing against other amateur drivers or working on a corner within inches of all the action.

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Junior Driver Program

The Junior Driver Program was started with the philosophy that having children compete at Solo® events would allow families to participate in and enjoy the Solo® experience together.